Laura Grant

Laura Grant is a stand-up comedian, singer, songwriter, speaker, talk show host and psychologist. Relocated from the South (Florida, Louisiana and Swamplands beyond) to Massachusetts in 2011, Laura has many stories to tell. With coming of age experiences and multiple careers in the service and hospitality (yep, she worked as a bartender in strip clubs and a server in country clubs, early bird cabarets and the circuit of Italian restaurants), as a G-girl (G is for gubment), Miami radio, limo service liaisons, large financial corporations and as a professional musician, Laura continues to evolve and grow, finding new ways to create, entertain and bring happiness to the culture.

Currently a co-host of the Quarantined Call In Show, a dedicated provider of care for veterans and their families, and a girl about the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, Laura mixes her passion to serve and uplift with humor and talent to provide audiences with connection, creativity and laughter.

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